Monday, November 13, 2006


Oh well, missed a day, sorry Lisa.

Driving to/from work I usually listen to our local PBS station. I just put music on when working as a distraction from the office noise, if I put intelligent programming on I tend to listen and think rather than program. But when driving I’d rather think.

Anyway, they are running a group tour thing as a fund raiser. Sponsoring a trip to Viet Nam for a week, see lots of sights there and in Cambodia.

What crossed my mind is a comparison – how many of our soldiers died over there vs how many have died fighting Cuba. Why do I ask? Well, if we are already forgiving them for beating us (yes, we did lose that one) and have no trouble in trading and sending off trips, why is it still illegal to visit Cuba? I don’t know of any harm that Castro has done to us, other than sending off thousands of boat people to Florida. But I don’t live in Florida, we’ve got tons of Mexicans here in Vegas (and back in Southern California) and we aren’t at war with Mexico yet, that I know of. Even if we are building a big wall.

I remember the Cuba Missile Crisis and Kennedy’s reaction (well, almost remember it) But why are we still punishing our citizens for visiting, and the Cubans for being there? Do we still think it will change their government, and drive Castro out? Or is it just that Florida is full of old Cubans (‘cause the young ones don’t care) that donate lots of money to influential congressmen? I don’t ever envision visiting, but I do know some people that have gone (via Canada, because they don’t care) and enjoyed themselves. But they are subject to some severe fines if our government finds out.

And just as amusing is the prospect of having Daniel Ortega (thanks Rob) back in charge of Nicaragua. I think we were at war with him at one time (well, not a congress approved war but a president put lots of money there and probably a lot of CIA operatives) and now he’s back as an elected official. Well, they’ve gotten back at us via cocaine. Just as Afghanistan’s repaid our invasion ‘kindness’ be turning out the biggest heroin crop in history. Seems like all of our good deeds are well rewarded.

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