Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday night not very much

Just back in from a night out, and it looks like I’ve got about an hour to get up a post for today to try and keep up with Lisa and company.

Several people have recently visited Las Vegas and commented on all the things to do. This has prompted me to realize that I live here, and don’t take advantage of all the possibilities that we have. So, I figured that instead of staying home it might be nice if we went out and did more things. We recently hit Mystere again (thanksR&T), a show that I would highly recommend. I want to hit one of the big ‘feather’ showgirls shows while they are still here – Bally’s and the Tropicana are the only old fashioned shows left in town. The Tropicana was recently purchased, and we’re waiting to see what the new owners do.

Vegas is also a stopping place for most of the big concert tours. Last weekend we had the Rolling Stones on Friday and the Who on Saturday. Both were reviewed as being pretty good, even if the stage at each was filled with wrinkled gray haired old men. Tonight Barbara Streisand is at the MGM Grand Garden Arena – 16,000 seats, tickets from $200 to $1000. The Dixie Chicks will be here next week. Not feeling very rich, we tend to hit the smaller ones.

We like jazz, and a few weeks ago went to see Michael Franks over at Boulder Station. That’s one of the Station casinos, catering more to local residents than visitors. The announced future entertainment and we purchased tickets for and went tonight to see Diane Shuur. Unfortunately Michael’s quiet voice was not emphasized by the sound man and his accompanists were heard more than him. But Diane has a much louder voice, and she did two hours of stuff that was absolutely tremendous.

Next weekend we are off to see the magicians Penn and Teller at the Rio – no cost here, I donated blood last year at one of their sponsored drives and got two free tickets to their show. We’ve seen them before, and they are very funny in person. A week after that B has a Red Hat costume Christmas party to attend, and then in mid December I thought we’d try dinner at the Mix restaurant for our anniversary. Last year we ate at Fleur de Lys – about the most romantic place to eat in Vegas. I’ll give a report on Mix next month.

So much for tonight, let me get this up before midnight and hopefully do more tomorrow.

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