Friday, November 10, 2006

E Friday at the park

For VG, it’s another E Friday. And for Lisa it’s a continuation of the post every day in November thingy. I know she’s not the primary instigator, but she is the reason I have posted daily (at least so far). E is staying with us this weekend while her folks do new house buying things in Portland, but hopefully I’ll pull a few hours off to at least get something up.

OK, on to E – as if I didn’t have a hundred pictures around to post.

As discussed before, our house is two blocks from a primary school, which is next to a big park. The park is mostly open grass with a few scattered trees, and some play structures in one corner. B takes E over to the park if the weather is nice (as if it isn’t normally nice here in Vegas) each day, pulling her in the wagon. At the park E likes to ride in the swings and climb up into the towers (she’s pretty good with steps now) and slide on the slides.

You can see all of the yellow spiral slides in the background. I think that look is saying 'why am I sitting here not moving back and forth?'

At times the energy starts to run down and a break is required.

Then, on the ride home, this might result in another shutdown.

I guess it’s a lot easier if you are not the one driving to just put your head down and fall asleep. And for Lisa, more stripes are involved here.

Then when you get home there is lunch to eat before the nap.

But if food takes too long to show up it looks like nap time might again come before eating. But at least the hair is good.

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