Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday rants

Monday – news driving in this morning is all about the elections, and how our illustrious president is campaigning in Kansas, speaking before a rally in Topeka. Kansas? The Republican up for reelection he is campaigning for wasn’t even there – he was off in more contentious areas, figuring that Topeka was a wrap. When was the last time a sitting president wasn’t wanted by a fellow party member up for reelection? Going someplace safe like redder than red Kansas. And if the Republicans get back in it will be touted as a huge victory for Democracy. And the rest of the world again will be shown that W has a mandate from the people to continue with his imperialism. Guess I better slow down before Malinda gets too steamed up.

Updating the Iraqi death toll – it’s up to 2836 Americans killed now. I don’t know if that includes the two reported this morning. And Bechtel is wrapping up their last reconstruction contract and pulling out. $21,000,000,000 (twenty one Billion dollars) to Bechtel to rebuild the country, and Bagdad is still with less than six hours a day with power, clean water is non existent in most of the country, the roads are horrible, and basically it is a place that nobody would want to live in without being forced to. I haven’t read a single story that shows Iraq is better since we invaded. Yes, Sadam isn’t in power, but over 655,000 Iraqis have died because of the invasion, the country is falling apart, it looks like civil war between the religious sects and America is spending it’s future. How many things here at home have been cancelled or unfunded because of the billions flowing overseas? What is medical care going to cost me because of the tax breaks given to big companies and the reduction in health spending? How many emergency rooms across the country are closing because of lack of funding and no reimbursement for the uninsured and illegal aliens? Don’t say it doesn’t affect you, look around at the lack of federal dollars for freeways, hospitals, transportation, health care, and pay attention. How much safer are you because you have to take your shoes off before getting on an airplane? Maybe the money would be better spent on Federal inspectors making sure those planes were physically safer to fly, perhaps more air traffic controllers would make things better (ask those people that crashed about that one), oh, sorry, better armor for our troops is required, money going elsewhere.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Does it hurt to be so stupid? I wish it did. But, good job Brownie, stay the course, Rumsfeld knows what he is doing and he will stay with me for two more years. Let the next president figure out when victory has come and we can leave.

OK, off to something completely different. Tess linked to an
interesting story. Makes me feel better to think of all the people that do little things to help others rather than just complain on blogs.

OK Lisa and several others, that’s six days in a row, including weekend posting. I’ll try a post a day for November, hopefully even if it’s just a small one. (we’ll see how long this lasts, especially if it’s confusing readers in the hill country)

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