Friday, November 17, 2006

E Friday

For Virginia Gal it’s E Friday!! I’ll keep taking them and putting them up until she gets hauled off to Portland, which hopefully will not be very soon.

We went off to our once-every-few-weeks shopping trip to the super shopping place Costco and took along our great new shopper.

She handled the shopping list, and was very good at pointing out interesting toys and books, not very good at working through the list though. But she is being trained at shopping from an early age. (that's the juice and milk cooler in the background - the rest of the store is proportionat to that size)

Something else she is really good at is driving.

Hasn’t quite got the use-your-feet-as-the-motor part down yet. She does like closing the door, whether in the car or just walking past it. And she is big enough now to climb in on her own and get that last foot up inside without help. You can also see Max in the background supervising; he is really good at supervision, but not into E hugs.

She went to the park the other day – grammy walks her down in the wagon as often as the weather permits (which here in Vegas means every day for the past few months) and sometimes meets up with the trips plus one from across the street. On one trip they came upon a walker with two big fuzzy red dogs. These were rather friendly, and as E is always trying (unsuccessfully) to make friends with Max and Buster she immediately ran over.

As you can see, this dog didn’t object very much. I’ve got other pictures with all four kids (the plus one was a little hesitant) piled on the dog, who really liked the attention. Of course, when E's mother saw these pictures she freaked out – “what do you mean letting my daughter get close to those potentially vicious dogs, getting fleas and who knows what all from them”. Yea, doesn’t that dog look like it’s really having a difficult time with those kids?

OK Lisa and several others, only missed one day, and it’s past the middle of the month, including weekend posting. I’ll try to keep doing a post a day for November, hopefully even if it’s just a small one. (we’ll see how long this lasts, especially if it’s confusing readers in the hill country back east)

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