Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring flowers

It’s getting to be Spring here. So in response to Udge posting some photos of flowers around Germany in his early warm weather I thought I might catch up here. Oh, this is also for Flip Flop Mama and all the rest of you living in Wisconsin or Colorado and other places where it is rather cold and still white.

Last week it got rather warm towards the weekend. This was Friday out in front of the big hotel next to where I work.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Notice – no coats or snow boots in that shot. Saturday it got up to 79f, and I figured I would take some photos of the flowers. Put in pansies just for a few spots of color back before Christmas. They haven’t spread very far.

But the paperwhites come up on their own in assorted areas around the yard. We didn’t put these in, some past owner probably planted an Easter pot.

The feathery acacia is just starting to open its yellow buds. In a few weeks it should be a solid yellow ball.

This bush is about four feet high and wide. We have a few of these around, mixed in with the sage. The sage isn’t a Spring bloomer, they turn purple based on the humidity and will probably flower in June and again in September.

Around the rest of the yard our fruit trees are starting to flower. Two years ago we put in a weeping plum, which seems to be growing slowly but doing well with its white flowers.

A small almond tree was in the back when we moved in, not doing too well. I put a drip line around it and it has perked up. Flowers on this one are a little pink.

But the most impressive tree in our back yard is a peach. It’s probably thirty feet tall, and was in full bloom when we first looked at the house and decided to buy it. That was five years ago, and it hasn’t really had as nice a bloom in the years since. Usually the leaves start coming out before the flowers, so they get lost in the green. But this year there is no green yet.

These blooms are a nice bright pink. Very pretty close up, but stepping back a bit.

It is nice. And moving across the yard, it gets even nicer.

It should be in full bloom in a few days, and so full of blossoms you can hardly see inside to the branches. Then we can look forward to the pink snow underneath.

A lot better than the white lawns you guys talk about.

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