Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday videos

Back to some old music today, the stuff I remember from my college days (yes, I am that old). One of my favorite shows from way back when was the Smothers Comedy Brothers Hour (well, that’s what the sign says). For some psycodelic far out rock, Jefferson Airplane (with some young girl sounding a lot like Grace Slick) Far Out! Think I'll let my hair grow again and get a headband.

Also one of my favorites from long ago, Melanie's Brand New Key:

She played at Woodstock, and was a big part of the anti war movement (that's Viet Nam war)
Also popular at the time was Donovan. The song he did that I remember most is Mellow Yellow, but for some reason all the posted versions are marked Not Embed, so you can click on the link above to hear that one (the released version, over shots of him at Woodstock). Another big song was Catch the Wind.

I had long hair, but not quite like that (almost though). All three of these performers were at Woodstock, which unfortunately I did not get to as I was elsewhere in the world.

OK, one more Melanie (‘cause I like her) Beautiful People:

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