Monday, March 31, 2008


We recently had a big shoe show at the place where I work. My wife came to have lunch one day and wandered around. There wasn’t much that she really liked – she isn’t really into shoes. But there was one pair that she found different: they have a different shape to the heel. She saw an ad in yesterday’s paper that showed them (sorry for the poor quality pictures, I took shots of the newspaper advertisements.)

They have that sharp V shape underneath. Almost the same as these, but with a sharp V. So the ones below are No, the ones above are Yes.

On Friday LoraLee pointed to something that just fit. I guess that I have been missing out on Kelly, but after listening to this I immediately thought of someone out there. I’m not going to name anyone, but you know who you are (yes, I know, a lady doesn’t use language like that, but it’s the concept not the execution)

Update: Only fair that you should see what she eventually bought.

$12.95. And comfortable - she can wear them all day without her feet hurting.

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