Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Srping flowers

Looks like Spring is here. Last week was the beginning, yesterday it was 84 at my place when I got home. Today is cold, windy, and chance of showers. So on to what this season looks like. I’ll give them to you all at once, may not get the names right:

The warmer weather brings out the flowers – so here is what’s going on around my yard. Most of the plants are just starting to bloom, so the number of flowers on each plant will be increasing as the days (and weeks) go on. Most of the plants do not have a short bloom, but have flowers for days or weeks or even all summer long.

Some type of nicoteana. Blooms most of the summer, stays about a foot or so high.

I have no idea on this one. We moved in to find two big piles of this along side the garage. With no water supplied they are still going strong. The plants are about four feet high and six feet across, in spring just covered in yellow.

I think it’s a mallow – just starting, soon the bushes will be covered in red. About three feet high.

Nice white flower on a bush about four inches high and a foot across. Looked at it this morning on the way to work and you can hardly see the green because of all the white flowers covering it. I think it’s a bush morning glory.

Something we brought from San Diego – nice little purple flowers on what’s basically a weed, but B remembers it in her grandma’s garden.

Big yellow desert bush – about eight feet high and four wide. We’ve got several scattered around. They are just big yellow piles this time of year, and have blooms on them most of the summer. Feathery Acacia.

Society garlic in a pot by the pool, again brought from SD, don’t do well in the ground.

A Banks Rose by the pool – this was here when we moved in. We had two of them along side our front door back in Temecula, where they got to be fifteen feet high and just covered the front of the house in yellow. This one is three feet high and about six feet across. Nice because they have no thorns.

Bright blue flowers on the rosemary. (sorry you can’t see the bright color). We planted them all along the short back retaining wall, about forty bushes all with nice flowers all summer (really all year) long. And the rosemary smells nice, goes well in spaghetti and chicken dishes. These are prostrate rosemary, about a foot high and growing wide so it’s like a hundred foot long bush.

Blooms on the apple tree – I thought the peach would be all pink this year, but the quick warm weather made it green instead.

Bright golden California poppies. Planted seeds in the raised beds three years ago, now the whole yard is filled with the low bushes. They will bloom, seed, and die before the weather gets hot, then the seeds start little plants with next December’s rains. The green on this one will disappear under all of the blooms.

And the wisteria we put out on the front patio is blooming – it’s on the fence along the front patio wall, about ten feet high and the same wide, covered in blossoms. And smelling marvelous. Guess it’s about time I finished the patio cover so we can train it overhead.

The sage bushes are all green, but they bloom with high humidity when it’s really hot. We have about twenty sage bushes and a dozen of the yellow cassia and acacia bushes, each up around five feet high and three across. The yellow ones are covered in blooms in the spring, then with random splashes of yellow all summer long. The sage (three varieties, in assorted shades of purple) get covered in blooms at random times and smell beautiful. Other things are blooming, but these are the ones I walked around to.

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