Friday, March 09, 2007

E Friday

Another E Friday for VG.

Her dad taught her the ‘smile for the camera’ smile. Where you show your teeth and usually close your eyes. I’m not sure if this is one of those smiles or she was just caught making a comment.

Each morning when she comes in E runs over to her table and starts in on some toys. For the past few weeks she has really worked on the puzzles. These are the type cut out of wood with cut out places to put the pieces into. She is getting good at figuring out how to rotate the parts so that they slip into their shaped slots. And she recognizes most of the letters, even if she can’t say them. I think watching Sesame Street has really helped with the letter recognition.

Here she is with her animals again. And the big white bear grammy named Mr. Softy. Well, he is soft.

So, Lisa, are we leading her in the right direction with the striped wear?

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