Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday at work

Another Monday – not a very busy weekend around our place. We want to redo our kitchen, and I’ve been trying to figure out what it should look like. I’ve got most of the design done; just have to figure out when to start. (Of course we are going to do it ourselves – why pay somebody else to have the fun?) Our house was built in the 70’s, and has one of those drop down light boxes with fluorescent fixtures in it. That is going to come down and the ceiling raised. I like the overall glow of the big lamps, so probably will put some other fluorescents in, but also will put a lot of can lights – I’ve always liked a lot of light when I’m trying to do something. So that will involve climbing into the attic and moving aside all of that blown in insulation, otherwise our kitchen will be knee deep in fiberglass when the ceiling comes down. And in Vegas you really don’t want to be in an attic in the summertime. If it’s 110f outside it’s usually a little hotter up under the roof.

We’ve got a group coming over on April 14, don’t really want to start before then in case it’s not done, so that means the middle of April for the attic work, and it’s already supposed to be around 80f by the end of this week. Oh well, as long as there is a lot of water around. Maybe I’ll go up and move the insulation around next weekend – better to start doing some of the stuff now.

I haven’t shown you my desk at the new job yet. Not much to look at – we are in the basement next to the big hall. No cubes, there are only two of us sharing space with the help desk techs.

As far as behind the scenes – this is the hallway I take each day to get to the employee entrance, near the parking garage. It should be obvious that employees don’t rate has high as customers. Also used as parking for the food carts and delivery stands.

Here’s what the hallways out front look like. A little different, no?

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