Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday, dusty weekend

A quiet weekend here, and it’s interesting to catch up on what everyone else is writing. Somehow I end up reading things here at work and don’t turn the computer on at home on the weekend very often. I spent many hours this weekend crawling around in the attic running wires for smoke detectors. When we moved in there was only one, in the front hall, and I’ve been procrastinating but we now have one in every bedroom and out in the garage as well. I realize I’m getting old, but my knees are really sore from the crawling on rafters, my arms are still full of fiberglass and I ended up wearing a big mask after coughing from thirty years of dust up there. But we are now fully wired up.

One of the bad things about growing up: no summer off to look forward to, and no spring break. Not even a week up north much less enjoying the bikinis in Cancun. I just get to look forward to hot weekends up in the dusty attic. Oh well, at least we have a pool

It is starting to get warm up there – we did have five days of record heat. Instead of our normal 69f it was up around 90f for most of the week, hitting 88 yesterday. Only supposed to get to 84 today, back down to a more normal 71 by Thursday, but back near 90 again next weekend. The pool is up to 70f, and with this weather will probably get to a swimable 80 by mid April, and our favorite temp of 93 by May. With the pool cover we do get to use the pool from April through November. It’s too big to put a heater on, so it just stays covered during the winter. (wow, lots of numbers in that paragraph).

E spent the day Sunday while mom and dad packed. A U-Haul is being filled up today, and E will be spending the night, then daughter moving in tomorrow. Son-in-law is off to their new Portland house and a new job. Mom has to stay here and keep working until this house is sold as they can’t afford the new big mortgage on one salary. So we will be E intensive for a while, then E bereft. Better take a lot of pictures now. She really is a cutie, smiling all the time. Second birthday is early May, and she has already started on the Terrible Two’s – with ‘nono’ as here favorite new phrase; the first thing out of her mouth until she realizes that maybe that does sound OK and will relent with a ‘yeayea’

She has graduated from the high chair to a booster, and sometimes gets food in plates instead of bowls. Her favorite meal is Beef-A-Roni and peas.

The fork is mostly used now, but if hunger prevails fingers will be used instead.

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