Monday, September 26, 2011


I used to work right on the Strip, in the middle of all of the casino activity. I now work about as far away from it as you can get and still pretend you are in Vegas. Out at the eastern edge of Henderson, about 25 miles away.

Those are the casino towers, over to the right way down there.

Every payday these two guys show up to wash cars. They bring a little tent and a truck with a water tank and power sprayer and do a pretty good job.

Must be nice to work outside in the shade. When it gets up to 110 they can spray each other with the hose.

We have two little grass patches out front. Since we are out in the desert a lot of animals come by. I've seen roadrunners and quail and coyotes and chipmunks, but the most obvious are the bunnies. Looks like one family, as it started out with two big bunnies, moved to two big ones and four or five little ones and now they are all about the same size. They move between the two grassy areas, munching and just sitting. Usually in the evening all of them are gathered together at the corner, just waiting. They are used to people walking by, and just stare back not moving. But walk towards them and they'll sprint away.


Stephen Hayes said...

I have a ravine behind my house that's tended to by our local park district. I'm told that deer and bobcats have been spotted down there but I haven't seen any, just a coyote. Last year I drove through Yellowstone and a buffalo crossed the road right in front of me. It was wonderful, and a bit scary.

SOL's view said...

The only wild things I get to see at work are birds. Lots of different types but scrub turkeys are most prevalent. At least, they are near my building. Down by the lake is a different matter. It's spring here now and we can see small dragons and water fowl chicks. I'm just waiting for the influx of the ducklings! :)

Bill said...

Tell your coyotes they aren't doing their job ... if rabbets are openly lollygagging on that patch of grass.

Froggy said...

wascally wabbits eating all your grass. I wouldn't mind a few rabbits around, but a few soon becomes many which can be a bit of a pain!

Don said...

Sounds like those rabbits are doing more than just eating grass! It's fun to see them hanging around though as long as they aren't eating something you just planted.

Pamela said...

bunny's always think you can't see them if they hold still. Sounds like they are multiplying fast.