Thursday, September 01, 2011

Air repair

Last month the air conditioner at our house that cools the bedrooms died. Our house has three air conditioning units and two evaporative coolers (commonly called swamp coolers) up on the roof, a lot of stuff up there where most new houses only have a single air unit. It was making noise, and blowing air, but it was hot outside air not cool refreshing breezes. Since it was 42c (108f) outside with another few months of that predicted we tried just using the front air unit and setting up a fan to blow into the bedroom, but that just wasn't designed to keep up with the summer temperatures. We ended up calling a repair company, the one that replaced the units when we moved in nine years ago. The result:

Doesn't look like $426, does it?

On a different topic, here is the Elvis store at Aria. I don't know if this will be closing when the show closes, or if the show will be renamed. But for now it's here, upstairs in a quiet area.


Jammie J. said...

Here's hoping you have a cooler weekend ahead. $426. Ouch.

The Blonde Duck said...

AC is a must!

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You need to just bend over with your pants down the moment the a friendly A/C guy rings the doorbell.

Anonymous said...

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