Friday, September 02, 2011

E comics

When visiting us last month we were interested to see our granddaughter E's new pixie cut hair

She likes to read the Sunday comics. And now she can really read them instead of having Grammie do it as she looks at the pictures.


SOL's view said...

I thought it magic when mine learned to read. :)

That's a lovely photo.

Oh, and I usually read your blog first thing in the morning. At work. So no, I don't always get to play the videos.

And sometimes I just choose not to... Like Friday. :D

Froggy said...

Just what she needs for summer, and mum will find it much easier to look after!

As for learning to read, mine never really did. She's in Year 8 at school and has only just started reading novels, and then only because the school makes her!