Sunday, September 04, 2011

Pick Your Poison cupcakes

I like to eat – living in Las Vegas there are lots of fancy restaurants and places to go, but most of the really nice places are quite expensive. I cook myself, and a few of the things I make are pretty good. But there are only a few things that I have eaten that really cause a lasting impression.

When we visited France a while back I loved the food. Everything we had was marvelous, but we spent a few days in the small town of Baynac, in the Baynac Hotel. It is a very small town, with an old castle on the hill overlooking the valley. The area is known for the production of fois gras, never having it before I had a chance to try it. While dining in the hotel restaurant (the only restaurant in town) the first night I ordered the fois gras appetizer – small rounds served on walnut bread toast with a wine sauce. I put the first bite in my mouth and experienced something I never had before, just the way that stuff tasted in my mouth was overwhelming. I’ve never before eaten anything so gorgeous. There were other outstanding things we had during our trip, but that one dish is something I will always remember.

I’ve always been hoping for a similar feeling when I try something new. There are lots of places we go in town, and lots of things that I make, that are just delicious, but nothing so dramatic. Well, a few days ago I had a similar experience.

I saw a Facebook like by a friend for this place: Pick Your Poison Bake Shop. The web site looked very nice (well done ladies) but the descriptions of their cupcakes made them sound pretty good. I ordered an assortment: two dozen big ones and two dozen little ones, six different flavors overall. This past Thursday lovely Robyn herself came by work to deliver them.

I carried the boxes upstairs and asked if anyone wanted a cupcake. The result:

Fortunately I was able to grab a few of each to take home, and snagged one of the PB&J for myself. I peeled of the paper and took a bite and was transported. It was the best cake that I had ever tasted – light cake with a delicate flavor, jelly filling and peanut butter cream cheese frosting – it was heaven in my hand. Thank you Robyn and Taryn for creating these marvelous things.

Later I had one of the Lemon Drops, and a Margarita, and a Drunken Pineapple (no, not all at once, scattered over a bit of time). All of them were fantastic! I wish I were being paid to do a review, I would love to gorge on cupcakes like these, but I do plan on ordering more.

They do not have a storefront, but deliver anywhere in town, including to the big Strip hotels (with a delivery charge for those, the hotels make them pay). If you come to Vegas skip a few drinks and order a few dozen cupcakes – you’ll probably spend less but your tongue will thank you. Sit in your hotel room, by the pool, or as you walk around and much. Mmmmmmmmmm


SOL's view said...

They look amazing! Shame they're all the way over there. Oh wait. My taste buds are unhappy but my waistline says thank you.


Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Is there liquor in them? They look and sound like they could get you a buzz and I'm not talking about a sugar diabetic high. The PB&J cupcakes sound pretty good, too.

Froggy said...

Dammit. Now I'm hungry...

bail bonds las vegas said...

dang that sounds good right about now. Working for 2 hours on 20 ounces of coffee and no food in the belly. I'm about to eat a jelly packet.

saket said...

nice blog.

Jammie J. said...

Whoa. I checked out their website and their creations look mouthwateringly delicious. I will definitely keep them in mind if we ever make our way to Vegas.

Now, I must stop torturing myself and close the other browser window with their website.

Lisa said...


We're including Vegas in a trip next year so I will try to remember these and order some!

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