Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday videos - Double Rainbow plus

More stuff from my listening to Zed FM again today. I listen while seated at my computer, and the advertisements are less obnoxious to me if they are for things not sold here, especially if done in an interesting accent.

For a few weeks now the morning crew has been playing a recording done by Hungry Bear in Yosemite. He walked out of his cabin one day and saw a rainbow across the sky. I don’t know Hungry’s frame of mind, but the morning crew use this as an example of how much fun you can have on drugs (I can't say that, who knows, he might just be a very happy guy). It’s his video of the rainbow, with commentary

Taking this interesting commentary, someone displays again what you can do with a home computer and AutoTune: converted into the Double Rainbow song:

They also have referred to a heavy metal musical group for kids from Finland – Hevisaurus

Looks like they are into Chiquita bananas. And what we get on US television is Hannah Montana. These guys look like so much more fun.

For the moms – here is something you might find amusing, the Dad Life from Las Vegas Mama:

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