Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday videos - James Brown and Fats

Last week somebody pointed to a nice James Brown dancing sequence, which led me to bouncing around Youtube again, so I thought I would share some of that old time stuff with you.

Wow, he can move his feet. Maybe if I got a red suit . . . This one has even faster feet, back in his younger days.

This one places a little more emphasis on singing, he really was pretty emotional.

The Wikipedia entry for James Brown says that he was highly influenced by Louis Jordan playing Caldonia. Even though there is no dancing, it is a motivating song.

Hm, must be something about big feet, I remember Fats Waller singing about big feet.

That one was talking about a guy with big feet, (I think his hat is too) but usually he sings about his girlfriend who’s feet are too big. After watching that one it makes me wonder who he originally wrote the song about. Searching YouTube, I can’t find a version of Fats singing about big feet to a girl, so perhaps it was directed like that. But we still can end with him Jumpin’, with dancing.

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