Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday videos - 50's rock

I was bouncing around YouTube again looking at old music videos. A lot of old music is up there, usually displaying still images from album covers or old publicity photos, sometimes there might be a video clip taken from a movie of the period. It all started because of DA said something about Woody Guthrie - ridin in my car car:

Not too many clips of Woody, but here is one with Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, two other old whoopin and hollerin musicians

Here are Sonny and Brownie in their younger days doing Hootin’ Blues, with some fancy dancing. I first saw then at a college group convention down in Houston a long time ago (well, long for me) and really liked how they felt the music. It makes me want to learn how to play the mouth organ.

And on to some 50’s music, we can start with Eddie Cochran doing Summertime Blues in 1959

Just a few years before was the Johnny Burnette Trio doing Hound Dog, I think a bit before Elvis recorded it.

OK, as long as I mentioned it, here is Elvis doing it in 1956 on the Milton Berle show, his second TV appearance, the first doing this song, which resulted in a lot of complaints regarding his gyrations and suggestive movement, leading to one writer tagging on the name 'Elvis the Pelvis'.

The song was originally recorded by Big Mama Thorton in 1952, which had a little different style than Elvis

Let’s end up with a rockin’ woman, Wanda Jackson doing Hard Headed Woman (1958), just to show you that women can rock too. I remember little fringie dresses like that, they were popular in the Beach Blanket movies, one of the fancy dancers used to wear them and wiggle to the music.

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