Monday, March 23, 2009


I like stop motion animations, my major way back in college was Photographic Illustration, which was mainly still photography but we did a little film work. I am always amazed at how complex and time consuming it is to stop motion, along with the sculptures if you include Claymation stuff that a lot of films use. Dana reminded me of this style of filming with a video she linked to last week. This one is very nicely done.

One of the more complex, and about my favorite video of this type is Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer. Plus I get to sing along.

A nice homemade one is Tony vs Paul.

One of my favorite cartoons from a long time ago was Gumby, probably considered high tech back then, it still look a long time to make these things.

So, not much music for today, but probably hundreds of hours in preparation.

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