Monday, March 09, 2009

Barbie's birthday!

Today is Barbie’s 50th birthday. In her honor let’s start off with Aqua’s version.

Besides, I like that song, I remember when it first came out, the San Diego radio station I listened to played it every fifteen minutes. And it’s one I can sing along to (no, I do Ken’s role). Here is the Official Barbie site, and on the New Zealand radio station I listen to they did a Barbie Lookalike Contest, Zedm Barbie: here is what the winner looks like.

Aqua has quite a few other strange songs and videos up there. It looks like another group, Toy Box came out about the same time with very similar sounds. As long as I’m putting up some different ones, came across this from a comment on Zoe’s blog, Hello Kitty makeup meets Alice in Wonderland meets Zumanity. We saw the movie Coraline last week, and that bit about crawling down a big pink vagina just seems too similar. After seeing Zumanity last week this one would fit right in as one of their skits. The lead girl has a matching chest, we’d just have to change the guys from leather pants to leather g-strings.

OK, fully moving away from any semblance of a music video, here is one that Kevin found:

So much for Barbie’s birthday videos.

Last minute addition - Deana suggested we include a current Barbie: Cougar Barbie from SNL


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