Wednesday, August 23, 2006


We went out to visit Mandalay Bay last weekend, after some other activities (click on the virtual tours). I’d never been up to the top, and the friends we were with had been up to Mix, located on top of The Hotel, the new tower and high end rooms. It’s up on the 50th floor, and you take an outside glass elevator to get up there. Nice views from the south end of the strip.

Looking to the north, below is the Luxor, with the strip proceeding in the distance. You can see Excalibur next and New York beyond that.

Just to the left of the above view is the construction site for the new City Center project which extends over 66 acres from New York up to the Bellagio.

I drive down Frank Sinatra Drive, which is just to the left of the construction, every morning on the way to work. I get to see the back of the casinos, and watch the work going on.

There are two sections to Mix, a nightclub/bar and a restaurant. It’s supposed to be a pretty swinging place at night.

The bar is the ‘Fire’ section, all blacks and reds, and the restaurant is the ‘Ice’ section, all white and glass.

There is a glass sculpture, composed of lots of bubbles suspended on wires, near the entrance. They weren’t serving food yet, but we had a drink on the outside patio and took these pictures. Not cheap, but quite a view. Must also be pretty at night. The restaurant has outdoor seating as well, which must be one of the most dramatic and romantic settings, looking down on all the lights of Vegas.


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