Thursday, August 17, 2006

I surrender

I figure the terrorists have already won. Yes, I know, it all depends on your definition of ‘won’. I don’t think a battleship will pull into New York harbor and our generals will go out to sign a document of unconditional surrender. For this group I think it means cause as much confusion and disruption as possible, and get the largest amount of people to look at their cause. This they seem to have accomplished.

Look, two dozen people are arrested in England and our whole country is thrown in turmoil. How many thousands of man hours (sorry, people hours) are being spent standing in airport security lines? How many flights, here and in England, have been delayed or cancelled? How many people have given up on flying? How many National Guard troops are now patrolling airports? How many new security procedures will be put in place? How many replacement tubes of toothpaste will have to be purchased? How many freekin’ hours of news on this horrendous plot will be aired? How many newspaper and magazine articles and blog posts will be written about this topic? When I finally get to carry on my nail clippers, but then have to give up my toothpaste I figure I’ve had enough. See, even I’m giving in.

Just heard on the news that some judge declared W’s free form wiretaps to be illegal and unconstitutional. Yea! More rocks on the pile. But both sides agreed that the taps could continue while the ruling is appealed. Guess that gives time to get one more justice on the Supreme Court. And the paper said that at recent judicial conferences panel members were not even allowed to discuss the Supreme Court case that decided the last election. Can’t even talk about it, as if it never happened. Guess the winners always get to write the history books, so you end up only hearing what they want you to hear.

Enough of this junk already. I don’t like being political, but at times I can’t ignore it. Let’s give Deana some pics, since she likes to see new things. I can’t compare my photos to hers, but here they are anyway.

We moved the bird feeder from back under the peach tree out to the low water area of the yard. Pigeons were just eating up all of the grass back there picking at seeds that dropped. Over here there is no grass, let them pick at the rocks.

I cut off the bottom of the feeder so that the pigeons can’t sit on it – they would empty the thing within ten minutes. The finches at least take a day and a half to go through the pound or so of seeds. The little birds seem to like this location better. They sit in the tree and on the wires around the feeder – at times we can have forty or fifty little birds in the tree or around the feeder just chirping away.

And for Virginia Gal, I know it’s not Friday, but I don’t think I’ll be posting tomorrow so here’s some virtual E Friday pics.

She is really generous when eating. Loves mac and cheese, actually she likes anything cheese. She just shoves that stuff down. She is willing to share, even with the dogs down on the floor under her. But with them she only shares when she’s full and just does it for the entertainment value, mostly looking at Grammy to see her reaction.

She has lots of toys – I have absolutely no idea where they all came from. She likes a little stuffed monkey, and carries it around.

Sharing her swing with it.

And she also likes Grandpa’s socks.

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