Friday, August 25, 2006

E Friday with grapes

Reading some posts, I came across this quote – “Someone's gonna get punched in the mouth before the day is over, I can feel it, and it ain't gonna be me.” (you know who you are). I just love that concept. Much better to warn people ahead of time.

I’ve got more shots from the Mandalay, but just thought I’d quickly put up for VG something appropriate to E Friday.

Three associated pics. We planted some Thompson Seedless grapes out back last year. B wanted something to cover an empty section of block wall. That dull grey looks so plain. This year it’s doing quite well, and we had a nice amount of grapes come out. They weren’t very big, and the birds have been eating most of them, but B likes to take E outside I the morning when it’s cool (for Vegas that means under 100f), and she wanders around. She has learned to pick cherry tomatoes from the garden, and also to look for the grapes. She likes both.

So here she is looking for tomatoes.

And the aftermath of the grape hunt.

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