Friday, February 17, 2006

Valentine deliveries

Too many words and no pictures. So here’s a short one with at least some color.

Not many deliveries here for Valentine’s Day. But two of the women in our area got deliveries. The biggest and most impressive award goes to two dozen roses for Mai:

But the most in quantity, and for making our area smell most like a florist shop goes to Romena:

Her husband sends flowers almost every week. But four deliveries on one day really takes the prize. Nice combinations of orchids and lilies and lots of very fragrant things.

In honor of the rioting in Pakistan, keeping the topic in the news, I present my favorite from the links posted a few days ago:

I would say the atheists are here in Vegas, but in the casinos it seems there are no atheists; everybody is praying for their card or number or roll to come up.

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