Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tuesday sunshine

Wow, lots of words yesterday. I’ve got other topics to cover, but I better put some pictures in between.

Today was another beautiful day in Vegas. Bright sun (well, that’s a default) and no clouds at all. Looking at the weather site, it’s 70f, but feels like it’s 70f right now. I guess the ‘feels like’ one is affected by wind chill in the colder places and humidity in the warmer places. In Vegas it’s usually the same as the temp all year long.

I go for lunchtime walks, to get some exercise. Sitting on your butt all day in front of a computer is more inducive to additions to the waistline (well, as we get older) than to staying fit. I’ve got a standard route I do, down Pilot Road to the Italian restaurant, turn left to the freeway, turn left to the rental car lot, turn left and then around the block and back to work. I put on my Ipod and dance to the music, and the circuit takes about 50 minutes, depending on how fast the songs are that come up.

The building right behind ours has several companies renting space. There is Trade Show and Technical, which always has trucks and strange boxes moving around the parking lot. Another one is a foam company, that often has strange shapes or columns or other items, I assume for shows or perhaps to fancy up people’s houses. They have a big pile of discards along one side, kind of looks like a pile of big boulders.

Yesterday there were a few wispy clouds, along with a nice pattern of stripes from the planes flying overhead out of LAX.

I like the assorted patterns we get from the high flying planes, and often (when I have the camera along) take shots of them. Morning is the best viewing time, just before sunrise when the sun hasn’t made it over the mountains to light things up, but the vapor trails up high are lit brightly.

There is still snow and skiing up on Mt. Charleston. We can see the peak to the northwest, it's only an hour drive up to the ski resort. Not for me - I'm waiting for the warm weather - swimming pool season - margarittas on the pool deck!

Oh, anniversary coming up. Looks like I did my first post on Feb 27 two years ago. Party time! My wife still doesn’t know I do this, so don’t yell too loudly.

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