Thursday, February 02, 2006

More Vegas shots

Sharzod came up with some good shots of the Strip. I think he took these himself when flying off someplace.

What the airport and the casinos look like from the air. Makes the city look rather small. Downtown is in the upper right corner on this image, but does not show the scattered housing around. I think our population is up to about 1,400,000, with an increase of 4,000 every month.

** Sorry - my eyes are too poor to ready the copyright notice on the last shot - at least this one is one I took **

From Mandalay Bay on the left, you can only make out the white light on top of the black Luxor next to it, to the Excalibur and the green MGM in the middle to the Bellagio on the right.

Just so you don’t think that all the action is on the strip – stopped at a local drug store yesterday, and as you will find at most businesses around town, there is a slot area.

So if you are stopping by to pick up some makeup or shampoo or a prescription and feel the need you can stop and drop a few coins.

And somebody came up with the full quote from Franklin (did I get that right?):
Those who would sacrifice *essential* liberties for a *little temporary* safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

There were more letters to the editor in our local paper about “the President doing the right thing, so what if he records citizens”. Maybe we should all carry our passports around and show them to a cop on every street corner, in every store and leave them when we check into hotels. The hotels are submitting guests lists to the CIA anyway (or at least they were). Oh, don’t need to use passports as congress has shifted that burden to the states with new driver license requirements.

Hopefully this will slide the fat guy down far enough so Deana will not have to keep looking at him.

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