Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Videos

On Mondays I try to share some of the videos that I’ve been looking at lately. Most of them are music videos, a lot are here because I listen to the New Zealand radio station NZED over the internet while sitting at work, and they link to things that I haven’t heard in the US yet. Others are from postings on other blogs, or things I happen to run into.

Today I’ve been listening to a new release over in NZ. It’s a nice song with interesting images in the video

Besides, a video with naked people can’t be all bad.

This one came from somewhere, nice hook

Hadn’t heard of her before. She appeared on The Voice, a show I don’t watch. Looks like she picked up a good handler that greatly changed her style, judging by some postings from not too long ago.

I’ll take the new version.


SOL's view said...

I like that Gotye song too. And their previous Heart's a Mess.

Serabee is a new one to me. Not bad. :) Love her shoes!

Froggy said...

Naked people videos are only good if the naked people are okay to look at, well, naked. Luckily these are. I love that tune, too.

Vanity Nightclub Vegas said...

It's really nice to get the videos here especially the first one that have a touch of creativity in it. The music in the second video is really mind blowing. Thanks for these.