Friday, August 05, 2011


For some reason I am glad it’s Friday

Just love Katy’ Perry’s response.

We were talking about music videos being short stories compared to movies – I miss when MTV used to show videos instead of reality shows. But at least YouTube is available. NZED plays this all the time, and it still sounds like fun.


SOL's view said...

I think we could probably blame MJ for that. Sometimes I like the way they are mini stories instead of just the song. Mind, often I'm pretty glad the video is just the length of the song!

But I think the Katy Perry one is pretty funny! :D

Froggy said...

I just LOVE this clip. Good to see some old faces.

It really sucks what they did to Rebecca. Maybe her song wasn't that great but people seemed to forget she's just a child, and all those negative comments have to have an affect on her.

Rob said...

I'd seen the Rebecca Black one but not the Katy Perry. Hehehe!

Rob said...

Just read that Rebecca Black has had to quit school because of bullying. That sucks. And OK, "Friday" is bubblegum pop but it's good bubblegum pop: at least, I'm happy to listen to it (just put it on again while typing).