Friday, August 26, 2011

E Friday - with hair

Just a mixture of things about granddaughter E today. One of her recent visits down resulted in a trip to the local park – local parks are important in Las Vegas because almost everyone has followed the advice of our water district and we have become more water smart (their advertising term) and pulled out our lawns and replaced them with gravel and native vegetation. For those of you not familiar with our ‘native vegetation’ it has evolved to be unattractive to eat, resulting in plants with no big leaves (that are easy to munch), tough bark and lots of thorns. Usually the plants also are low growing and not very colorful. They also depend on wind born pollination, which results in the creation of tons of pollen, which also produces allergies in people that didn’t have allergies before moving here.

Anyway, we went to the park, where E likes the big swings and the tube slides and climbing stuff.

Grammy went up to Portland for her fifth birthday (she is SIX now, say it loudly please). Back when she had more hair

Her favorite breakfast is cheerios. This trip it has changed to banana cheerios, due to grandma seeing that new flavor on the supermarket shelf.

And sometimes a muffin.


That Janie Girl said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! enjoy~~

Froggy said...

SIX! Loud enough? Wow, time sure does fly, Joe...