Monday, June 08, 2009

random Video Monday

Haven’t done a Video Monday for a while, and the list of videos has been building up, so here are a few random ones just to brighten up your beginning of the week. We can start with an oldie, that for some reason wasn’t on MTV even back when it was playing music instead of just reality shows. Frankie goes to Hollywood - Relax. I liked the song, now that I have some images to go with it it’s even better. I can totally see Kevin at a party like that. (I would like a party like that)

I’ve always liked Christopher Walken, we were watching the Graham Norton show yesterday and Robin Williams was on. He discussed working with Walken, and did a very good impression of how he talks. A little segment from Pulp Fiction

But what I really wanted to show you was him dancing, unfortunately it is not embeddable, so you have to click this link here.

And finally, we can do some techno thanks to Hallie. I’m a Gummie Bear

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