Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday videos, randomness

Some Mondays I try to do video themes, and some days there are just a bunch of random things floating around, today is a random day. Somebody was referring to ducks, and a commenter posted a link to a funny video. I hadn’t heard of Pat Robertson’s quote that legalizing gay marriage was a step towards having sex with ducks, but it sounds like an interesting idea, but the feathers might be a little sticky. But Misty might like the idea.

As long as we are into thoughtful discussions, see if you can figure this one out

To complete our randomness, we can go back a few years

I really wanted to link to Wild Boys, but embedding is disabled. Oh – there’s a version I can put in line, OK, here you go.

Don’t know why, it’s just been going around my head today.

OK, Misty really wants to impress the ducks upon us, here is one that has no music

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