Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dogs on Tuesday - car rides

Ok, you are saying, why start out a Dogs on Tuesday post with a photo of a motorcycle guy? Well, you aren’t looking closely.

Coming back from a thrilling meal at our nearby Sweet Tomatoes salad bar restaurant this guy pulled up next to me at a traffic light. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera, but at the next light (a mile down) we ended up side by side again. Good thing I got the shot there, because he soon turned left while I continued on. Don’t worry, that little guy looked like he loved being up there. B looked over as we drove off and she said he had his nose up in the air sniffing and his ears flopping around, just like dogs do hanging out of car windows. There is a short leash from his halter up to the guys coat, so even if he slips he won’t go far, and from the way he pawed that tank he was very familiar with standing there.

Our guys differed in how they handled car rides. Max loved them, he would stand in my lap with his head out the window, leaning on my arm, and just enjoy things.

But only if we drove slowly, over 25 and the wind was too much for him and he pulled back in and whined for me to slow down. Buster does not care about car rides, he just curls up on your lap and goes to sleep. Buster is more into walks - he just loved sniffing everything, while Max was ready to be picked up after two houses. But they both enjoyed this spot:

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