Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Video Monday (late again)

Today’s videos are in honor of Dana and her return from a furious vacation up in the remote woodland of the wherever the heck it was she went. I can see from her photos there was a lot of water and green, which in no way remotely looks like the Las Vegas area.
The first is of Ninja cats – pretty good at what they do but not very stealthy. Need some background music, maybe the theme from Mission Impossible or the Avengers.

And some dancing cats. What is more amazing than the synchronization is the keeping of that many kittens together without a riot starting up. Looks like the Siamese up front can’t wait though

And one for me, I remember projects like that; estimate five guys for three months and told to do it myself in two weeks, in a basement office with no windows. Only I never got a hat.

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