Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On the canal

Just a few random pictures from around my work today. I’ve got some longer posts, but need the time
to pull them together.
A few months ago one of the major car manufacturers had a big meeting for their west coast dealers,
and unveiled a few new cars. This is what one of our halls was set up like for that offering:

I haven’t seen too many theater type setups like this. It takes a lot of work to put all of those risers in.
Udge asked about our canals, in a recent post I had a photo at the lagoon out front. Here is what the
canal extension into the new area looked like.

And the old portion, by the turn around

That’s up on the second floor, above the casino and restaurant area. Nice sky.
When B flew up to Portland a while back she snapped a picture from the plane window. For those of
you that haven’t flown into Las Vegas in a while, this is what the strip and downtown now look like.

The cluster of tall buildings to the left around the white shaft is the north end of the Strip, the tall
white thing is the Stratosphere. A little to the right is the grouping of buildings downtown on Fremont
Street. This is above the airport looking northwest. We have about 1,600,000 people now, growing at
around 10,000 new arrivals per year.

OK, ok, since I have been remiss in posting these, here is a shot of our little angel asleep in the car.

And she is always willing to share.

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