Sunday, May 11, 2008

Random things

A few weeks ago I was walking towards our lobby from my underground office. Looking down the hall it looked like somebody had torn a hole in the far lobby wall and put in a big window. My eye’s aren’t that good, but it sure looked like the western mountains and the sky.

This was about 150 meters away, and the closer I got the better it looked, until I made it almost up there and found out it was a set of new video projectors being set up to display advertising. Guess they were using the mountain view for testing. It still looked pretty good, even if you can’t see it very well in the small picture.
This is what it looks like outside driving home, heading west on Twain.

And wandering around on our lunchtime walk we came across this scene out by the front lagoon. I guess the weather is nice enough for all of the photo work to be outside. I think that I see a bride and groom on about 10% of my wanderings around the Strip. Doesn’t matter where we’ve been, what casino or shopping center, there has been a pair about everywhere. Usually I don’t have my camera to document it, but I have put up some past photo posts.

And a bonus video for you. When flipping through our local newspaper I usually pass by the obituaries, sometimes there is a big story about someone famous that has died. A few days ago there were two names that were familiar to me. The first was Irvine Robbins. It’s a name that is not usually recognized out of context, but with his brother in law he founded the Baskin-Robbins ice cream chain. Looks like his was the first company that started out franchising stores, when he was just starting out and wanted to expand, he sold his original eight stores to the managers and started up the concept. Mr. Robbins was 90 years old.
Another name also listed was Ted Key. The headline put him as the creator of ‘Hazel’, an old comic and later sitcom that I remember from long ago. But I remember him better for something else he came up with, for one of my all time favorite shows:

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