Monday, January 07, 2008

Just Vegas

This is the week of one of our bigger shows, the Consumer Electronics Expo. It is split between us, the big convention center, and the Hilton. The city is expecting 140,000 people in town because of this show, and from looking at our lobby today, a great many of them are drifting through our facility. The show runs from today through Thursday.
Wednesday brings in a totally different show, the Adult Entertainment Expo. As titled, this has booths representing almost everything in the adult entertainment world, from videos to magazines to lotions to gadgets. Walking through the lower hall, the main company is still setting up booths and distributing pallets, and tomorrow the exhibitors will arrive to set up their own booths. One booth had a pallet filled with bags of sand. That display should be interesting. (brought up a discussion of sex on the beach, but I thought that was a trendy drink)
Internally, this week is spoken of as being filled with freeks and geeks. It should be an interesting combination.
What is very evident around town this week are things that look like this:

We have about the biggest, longest, fanciest limos found anywhere. And hundreds of them will be lined up in front of our door, as every movie 'star' that will be appearing at the downstairs show expects one. And the rich guys at the upstairs show expect theirs as well. I doubt if the chairman of GM, or the former chairman of Microsoft (both keynote speakers this week) drive themselves, or take cabs.

We had a rainy weekend. Over a foot of snow in Mt. Charleston, about an hour drive away, snow ringing the valley, and after two days the official city rain gauge at the airport registered (ready for this?) 0.07 inches. What is that, 2mm? For two days of clouds and winds? But it was sunny today, so I will put up with it. (what choice do I have?)

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