Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Complaint and show setup

I park in a big ‘team member’ parking garage every day. As with most parking structures in Vegas they are devoted to the spaces, not the aisles that we use to drive our cars to the spaces. At times it is very challenging to get down an aisle if somebody doesn’t pull their car all the way in, or if they have a big car. There are quite a few fellow team members that feel it necessary to drive large vehicles; this includes big SUVs as well as large pickup trucks.

Yesterday I parked my car, and when returning to it after a full day of work I found someone with one of these long trucks parked a few spaces away. Here he is (I say he because usually the pickups are driven by guys, the SUVs by women)

This truck has dual tires on the rear axle and four doors. This means he takes up two spaces wide and tends to have the front of the truck sticking out farther than the surrounding cars. Fortunately today he was parked on the wider end aisle, but I have come across this truck parked in the narrow center, or even worse in an end space where you have to go around it to get to the down ramp. You can compare it to my car, the red one second from the right.

This week we have a large show filling all of our spaces. It is dedicated to floor, counter and wall coverings. (I usually do not put down the name of a show, I don’t need people Googling the name and coming across my comments). Booths fill all the halls – over 1,700,000 square feet, and most of the meeting rooms are also in use. This was the first big show I saw last year after I started working here. Last year the major suppliers built whole houses inside the hall, putting their nice wood and tile floors down all over. This year the booths are more open, but probably half the hall is paved with fancy wood and tile. And most of it has been cut to fit the space, and will not be taken up but left for the cleanup crew to dispose of. Most of it will be disposed onto the floor of their houses, but hey, I would do the same thing myself. Why pass up hundreds of thousands of square feet of nice top of the line wooden flooring that probably costs five to ten dollars a foot. This shot is of one of the larger booths near the front of the hall being set up.

And here is another, the booth is probably 50’ by 50’; with a really pretty floor and these large trees overhead. The aisles were full of packing crates and forklifts so I couldn’t get around to take many pictures, but the show will open tomorrow and I’ll wander around for some more.

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