Saturday, January 12, 2008

Attendee recognition tips

How to recognize a female attendee of the Adult Entertainment Expo:

1. More skin visible than clothing. This usually includes a backless, low cut (very low cut) top and a skirt that looks more like a semi wide belt, sometimes but not always covering most of the g-string. (assuming there is a g-string)
2. Looks like she is hiding some type of sporting equipment under her blouse, such as two: footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, beach balls, or some even larger objects.
3. Extensive tattoo coverage, including but not limited to neck, full sleeves (from elbow to shoulder) and calves. The old 'tramp stamp' on the lower back visible between the low cut jeans and short top is not to be considered as too many 'normal' girls already have one.
4. Her clothes look to be skin tight, but on closer examination it's not clothes but just paint. (this is usually for women not included in #2)
5. She is wearing heels higher than your first step ladder.

One or more of these attributes will normally be present. Sorry guys, no photos, I was a little self conscious and besides I didn't want to get in the way of the geeks fighting to have their photos taken with these young women. They usually traveled in pairs or in the accompaniment of a gentleman that looked like a 'guido' or pimp. Of course, this being Vegas some of these women might just be local girls out for a walk or on the way to work.

Update: I should give a little disclaimer here, in that employees were not allowed in the hall, and I did not get to see the G4 version of this on television last night (I meant to, but just forgot when 10pm rolled around), so I did not get to see what went on inside. These observations were made in the main hall from the big hotel next door, where individuals were mixed in with attendees from the Consumer Electronics (geek) show, as well as in the complex lobby. Unfortunately I did not get to see the young women mentioned in item 4, but several of the people in customer service, who's counter faces the hall entrance, said that show management had to chase them back into the hall from the lobby several times (there was a spray painting booth inside where you could get done up if you wanted to). The rest of them were direct observations.

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