Friday, April 13, 2007

E Friday (with Video!)

Friday the thirteenth! – I’m ready for the weekend. It’s been quiet at home with B gone and E no longer showing up. Max and Buster have not been much help – having to stay at home alone during the day, they seem attached to me at the hips when I am home. And tomorrow I’ve got a dozen guys coming over to play with trains. I know that is the real reason that B took off for two weeks.

In going through the photos I have uploaded several are interesting. Well, ok, all shots of E are interesting, even when blurry and unfocused, but that’s what grandparents are supposed to say, isn’t it? But today let’s concentrate on E’s hats.

Since we live in a city that is blessed with sunshine for 340 days a year, and the newspapers always print the UV index, which is high no matter what season it is, when E goes out into the yard B always tries to get a hat on her head, to provide at least some protection. Her favorite seems to be the cat hat, which pulls down easily and stays on.

As usually, E has her animals along. We were watching Baby Einstein on TV before she left, and in one of the episodes Rocket was stuck on some rocks in a creek in Africa (OK, if you don’t have little kids just put up with this; if you do then you probably have seen this episode, along with all the rest). The kids went off to find animals to help, and as they talked to the African animals E pulled her corresponding ones out of the little orange suitcase they came in. She pulled out the elephant and giraffe, but didn’t have a hippo, and kept wondering why the kids didn’t ask a gorilla or tiger, as those are E’s two favorites. She knew the rubber duckies were not African, and so those stayed behind.

I also have tried to get her interested in trains, and pulled out the Lego Thomas set I got when the Swedish twins came out last year.

I also got a box of those big Lego blocks, figuring the then two year old twins would be used to those at home. E now builds things with those blocks, and enjoys leaving them scattered all over. This is her pink hat, which tends to blow off when it’s windy outside, but she likes to wear it inside anyway.

And then there are days when she can’t decide which hat is best.

Here she is with the cat hat underneath and the pink hat on top. She ran around with both hats on for most of the morning and seemed to like the fashion statement it made. Now, doesn't she look like a little Munchkin, with those rolled up pants?

And following Deana’s lead I thought I would try to post some of those videos that I take. I tried to get her in action, but it always seemed that when she did something interesting by the time I got the camera she had moved on to something else. I’ve discussed her following the boys around outside, and when Max takes off to bark at something through the gate Buster follows. If they keep it up long enough E also starts barking and runs after them. Unfortunately I’ve never had the camera when she does this, and so have no proof. But one afternoon when she was getting ready to eat I asked her what the dogs sounded like, and she was happy to show us.

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