Friday, April 20, 2007

E Friday (partial Portland)

Oh no! Another week’s gone by. B’s back from her trip to the wilds of Oregon, and evidently it rained every day for the two weeks she was there. The sun did break through for a few hours on several of the days, but basically everything was wet. Well, that’s the reason that everything there is so green also. Without the water you end up with Vegas.

Before they left E was being prepared for the move:

Mom got her a nice pink puffy jacket that she wore around the house for a while. Guess she felt pretty stylish. Once arriving up there she found that it was required:

Somehow I like the stance barefoot best. (and not just because it’s in my house and not a thousand miles away).

Down here there was a big park just a block from our house.

Up there she also has a big park a block from her new house Photos on that park to come later, but for now let me use my Vegas shots.

She likes eating in our back yard. We got a little picnic table that just fits her, and she can look at the birds and the airplanes going by, in addition to teasing the dogs. Buster and Max hang around looking for dropped tidbits. That's Buster to her left, Max is on the far right hand side of the picture. Peanut butter and jelly is a favorite, as is spaghetti. M&B will eat just about anything.

But B returned to a cold and rainy weekend here. High of only 64 predicted today, not back into the 80’s until mid week. For me, it’s not Portland, which is why I am here.

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