Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lebanon Evacuation

Boy, am I behind the times. Looks like we need to subscribe to a better paper than the one in our home town.

Yesterday I found a link that discussed the US policy on charging evacuees from Lebanon for their transport. I talked to my wife about it this morning and she said there was so much negative publicity about the concept that Ms. Rice reversed the policy decision. Here's a CNN story
from last Wednesday that discusses this. The policy change was due to all of the complaints and comments, probably a lot from people like Miranda and other bloggers that filled the wires with raised voices. Good work.

I complain about my wife watching too much news on TV, but I guess I'm watching too little. Sorry to misinform without fully researching things.

A local teenager was over there visiting family, so our local paper was filled with stories about her trying to return. She arrived back home here on Sunday, and in a story yesterday described how the US paid for her transport all the way back to the US (she came in via Baltimore) and her family just had to buy her a ticket from Baltimore to Vegas.

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