Thursday, July 20, 2006

Going Political Again

Another thanks (?) to Rob again. He always seems to point to interesting posts. (OK Lisa, you do too but I'm picking on Rob today).

Thanks to him I've got to add another blog to my listings over to the right, and have another place to visit frequently. It's unfortunately a rather depressing place, Baghdad Burning. It's not near the top, have to look for it. She doesn't post very often, but whenever new posts show up they are not very enjoyable, unless you look at them in the "I told you so" frame of mind. Like dealing with a little kid, "Did dropping that rock on your foot hurt? I told you so." only in this frame it's a little more serious than a sore toe.

Yes, back to the US involvement in Iraq. Our glorious president's attitude that we can't just get up and "cut and run", leaving those poor people to fend for themselves. I have always said (as does the ONE senator that voted against the invasion) that we should not be there. Our troops being in Iraq are causing more problems because of our presence than would be caused by our immediate withdrawl.

But I'm not the president, I am no one in power. Nobody important listens to me. Oh well, sorry, you guys get to put up with me (or stop reading my posts). You get all of these enjoyable (?) political ramblings meshed in with shots of neon and little kids and the open desert. But that's the way my life is, kind of all mushed together.

Thanks for coming by.

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