Monday, July 03, 2006

Coffe view

When I'm home I usually make some coffee in the early afternoon. I purchased a fancy espresso maker from Starbucks a few years ago (yes, I will confess, I am a Starbucks addict) and keep a bag of their espresso roast in the freezer. I make a double shot, and in the cool season I drink it hot, in the hot season I put it over ice with some creamer stuff. Then I sit outside and just watch the birds and clouds go by and enjoy some quiet time.

I've show parts of my back yard view, but this is what I look out at when sitting out back.

The fountain is at lower left, our tomatoes and glads left center, grapes against the wall in the middle and over to the peach tree and E's swing on the right. It was a bit cloudy yesterday, chance of thunderstorms that never came, more clouds today and more chance of rain. When drinking coffee (iced) yesterday it was 111f. Does it look that hot? Still felt good.

More of the glads are in bloom. Makes a tall pretty image out there under the apple tree.

And a while back something Rob said reminded me of an old Gary Larson image on a calender from way back. I used to have this on my wall, to remind me that all compliments might not be.

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