Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Summer update

It's not hurricanes,

but it is warm. For tomorrow

but it will only feel like 103. That's 45c for you 'normal' people. Still not a record though.
Some new links. Thanks to Rob (thanks, Rob) I've been looking for French blogs, but posted in English. I loved France during my one trip there, and would like to go back, as soon as the $$$ are lined up. Now I can add one - Petite Anglaise (France). And she has lots of links to others.

One more link for those of you that like interesting places, it's Movie pooper, where they give away the endings - so don't look unless you want to. They have one of my favorite strange movies - Eating Raoul. Guess what the pooper ending is? - "They eat Roul". Well, duh. Oh - another quirky movie, Being John Malkovich.

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