Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More numbers

Since I didn't have enough numbers I thought that I would add some more. Reading the Lioness' web site I followed a link to Lorem Ipsum 's site and down at the bottom she had a money counter. Looked like something I talk about, so tried it out to the right - Cost of War in Iraq. Now all I need is a link to someplace that increments the deaths and I'd be set. Wish I could do more about that- ???

Hay - cooled down today - it's only 107 now. We were looking to have a string of ten days of over 110 weather, this should be day eight, may not make it. But yesterday was 116f - tied a record for the date. The hotest reading ever in Vegas was 117f recorded back in 1942. So almost made it. It was 120f down at Lake Mead - just a half hour drive, so if I really wanted to get hot guess I could go there. Sunday was interesting - the morning low was 93f - that's the highest low we've ever had. Which means that things usually cool off at night, then warm up as the sun comes up - if it only goes down to 93 there isn't much cooling off to do. Well, it was 23f lower than the daytime high, so I guess it is cooling off.

Kept the pool cover off for a few days and on Saturday night the water temp was back down to 90. Seemed a little cool so we closed it up, and last night it was back up to 96. My wife likes 92, which seems to be about right. So it's open again.

Haven't been doing much around the house. Seems like a good time to just lay around. I'm about a fifth through Harry, something to look forward to in the evening.

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