Tuesday, July 05, 2005

4th of July 2005

How I spent two hours of my 4th weekend.

Sean at work is the group prankster. He's been gone for a week's vacation, and missed all of our 4th of July celebrations. We didn't want him to feel left out so we thought a shot of color would help. The lower cube walls are about five feet high, so it made a nice pile. Around 420 eleven inch balloons.

I tried to get consecutive shots during the process, but found out that the camera chip was all full of baby shots and I could not save any more. Hesitant to delete said baby pictures, not knowing if they were moved to our computer yet, I decided to just stop. The final photos were taken this morning.
Sean showed up and proceeded to complain for about twenty minutes. He then grabbed a pin and popped all of the balloons. Unfortunately, most people were late after the long weekend and missed it all. Oh well, at least we laughed doing it. He still doesn't know who did it - revenge being his best suite - but the security team caught us at work, so when more than one person knows then it's not a secret any more.
Took three of us a little over an hour. I brought in my air compressor, but it is a cheap one (note - buy better quality stuff) and we only got about 150 balloons out of it. We manually inflated the other 250 or so. It seemed to go faster just blowing them up.

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