Monday, March 08, 2004

Spring flowers

Yesterday it was 76F, according to the weatherman it's the first day over 75 since late October. Wow, four and a half months during which it didn't get over 75. After living in Rochester, NY - which had a high of 43 yesterday - where it probably will not hit 75 for another two months - I'll take four months of 'cool'.
Thinking of Rochester, and walking around my back yard, I thought that I would show the people in cold country what's happening here, and what they have to look forward to.

We put in a few dozen prostrate rosemary plants last fall, as part of the low water rework. They are still small, but all of the rosemary around town now has a beautiful pale blue flower. The picture doesn't show the colors very well.

The last owner had paperwhites planted all over. They are coming up randomly and blooming now, with more just starting to push up leaves. With the rain last week the soil is still damp, and with the heat all kinds of things are poping up.

We've got a big peach tree, which is starting to have pale pink flowers. We saw it last year when we were thinking of buying this house, and it was one huge globe of pink. This year the blooms are starting out slow, and with the heat leaves are coming out too, so it might gradually turn pink slowly.

There is a small almond against the back wall. It's coming out with white flowers.
So much for our flower report for today. It got up around 80F today, so it looks like the cold is gone. I'll walk around the neighborhood tomorrow and see what's blooming at the neighbor's.

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