Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Cookie sale

Driving around yesterday I came across this sign.

It was in front of the supermarket I was going into anyway. Of course I had to follow it up. Also note the gas sign in the background - (I guess at this resolution you can't read it) - but it says $2.07 a gallon for regular. Yes, LV does have close to the highest price in the country. But, it will probably be over $2.50 before the end of summer all over anyway.
Back to the sale - of course it led to this.

As you can see, this year I only had a few dollars cash. Yes, I could have written a check, but I did that last year and got over twenty boxes. No thin mints this year - one year when three girls came to our door in San Diego I stocked up, and as they say, thin mints freeze fine, so we had a freezer full and ate for several months. As it was, these were all gone before the end of the day anyway. I feel that we should support the brave girls of scouting.

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