Friday, March 12, 2004

Around the neighborhood

Another sunny day, got up to 82F - I see that Rochester had more snow, sorry you guys. Guess I should stop picking on New York.
Here are some more flowers -

Here are a bunch of dafodils in front of a house a few blocks away, looks like the flowers don't have to poke up through the snow here.

One of the reasons we moved from San Diego was because of the weather (as if you couldn't tell). San Diego was nice (and up to 80F there a few days ago) because of the ocean there were not many extreme temperature changes. We lived near the stadium and Balboa Park, far enough inland that we didn't have the severe fog and haze that the Pacific causes, and not too far inland to get the full heat. The temperatures were rarely cold, in twenty years we probably only had frost a half dozen times. And not too hot - probably hit 80 only a dozen days or so at our house. Because of the influence of the ocean it was always average - in the summer there were months when the weatherman would say 'morning low clouds, high around 69 low around 50'.
The sky was always partially hazy due to the humidity. Here it is really dry, and the sky is usually a real nice blue.

There are clouds around every few days, and then it seems that the jets flying overhead leave long stripes in the sky. Las Vegas is right under the main east-west air corridor, and anyone flying between California and almost anywhere east goes right overhead. This picture is looking south at about mid day. There are about eight or nine stripes from planes flying to LA from the rest of the country. First thing in the morning the planes are moving from west to east, from LA towards the southwest and from San Francisco towards the northwest. As the day progresses it changes to planes going to LA and SFO, then back again.

Sometimes the stripes are short and dissapear quickly, sometimes they are long and last a while. These two are headed from LA east, looked like a big one and a smaller LearJet following a little higher.
I just like to look at the patterns in the sky.

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